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Indian Astrologer in New Zealand

Indian Astrologer in New Zealand: Lot many times there is a confusion that if Rahu and Ketu are planets. So to clear the confusion for once and for all, NO! Rahu and Ketu are not planets. They are shadows that are believed to be the cause for the lunar and solar eclipse. The transition period when there is an occurrence of solar or lunar eclipse usually is believed to be the dark period on people whom stars are falling under the influence.

Rahu is often linked with Ketu because both stands in close connection to each other and are the reasons for why your stars go in a state of flux where you experience bad health, make poor choices, takes your sanity away, you become a violent person and negativity prevails in your life.

Indian Astrologer in New Zealand

Indian Astrologer in New Zealand can explain you well on how Rahu can ruin your life badly! Yes, such is the power of Rahu that if your stars are in its grip you will not be able to think straight and for no reason will be making poor choices in life with dire consequences. Bad health is the direct effect of Rahu working its power on you.

As far as Ketu is concerned, it hits one’s confidence brutally. You may fail in tasks given to you at work or your inefficiency will show in everything that you will do. You will become a negative person where you will feel that your life has lost all its meaning. You may go in deep depression. You need to be vigilant and careful before you may go too deep in its grip.

Indian Astrologer in New Zealand can help you get rid of the effects of Rahu and Ketu on you. There are remedies to calm down the influence and bring your life on the right path. Usually when Rahu is concerned you will be asked to feed a black dog for a number of days which the astrologer will tell you. Other times you will be asked to please the Gods of water or fire as whatever the case will be.

Only after carefully evaluating your stars will the Indian Astrologer in New Zealand give you remedies by which your life will fall back on track. So do not worry, just follow the advice correctly. All will be well soon!

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