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Indian Astrologer in Brisbane

Indian Astrologer in Brisbane: Blue sapphire is one of the beautiful gemstones found on mother earth. It is known as “Neelam” in Hindi which is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning the colour of the sky. Generally, there are three kinds of sapphires, blue i.e. Neelam, yellow i.e. Pukhraj and red i.e. Ruby. Each sapphire is important and need to be worn only after consulting the Indian Astrologer in Brisbane as each kind has special significance and power which is necessary to match with your stars in order for it to give benefits. Otherwise if worn wrongly there can be considerate amount of loss and bad luck in your life.

Indian Astrologer in Brisbane

Planet Saturn rules the Blue Sapphire. Those who are under the influence of Saturn, it is highly recommended for them to wear this gemstone in order to be saved from the wrath of Shani Dev i.e. the God of planet Saturn also referred to as the God of Karma. “Sadhe Sati” i.e. the cycle of Saturn if your stars come under the influence of it then for seven and half years your life can be in great jeopardy.

The only way to be saved from it is by the guidance of an experienced Indian Astrologer in Brisbane. People are usually afraid of the effects of Saturn but what they are unaware of the fact here is that there is nothing to be afraid if you are on the right path as for those who are hardworking, do not use the means of deception and live life righteously they will be immensely rewarded during this period.

Indian Astrologer in Brisbane will guide you how you can come in good books of Shani Dev where the lord will bless you with all the luxuries that life has to offer. The effect shows within 3 minutes, 3 days and 3 months from wearing it and in the time span of 3 years you will be a whole new personality. You will enjoy and cherish life to the fullest.

But beware if the stone does not suit you it can bring you great pain, destruction and sometimes can even prove fatal. So always consult an Astrologer before wearing a Blue Sapphire.

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